By Any Other Name

Matt Hollidge: The Amateur Mixologist on Instagram (@theamateurmixologist) submitted this Gin masterpiece. As he says in his bio...Drink Happy; Drink Healthy!

Shake  |  Vintage Coupe Glass  |  Frozen Rose Sphere

Step 1:
Pour into your cocktail shaker:

  • 50ml (1.5oz) Gin (I used Bloom)
  • 20ml (.75oz) St. Germain Elderflower Liqueur
  • 20ml (.75oz) Rose Water
  • 10ml (.25oz) Fresh Lime Juice
  • 10ml (.25oz) Grapefruit Infused Simple Syrup

Step 2:
Add ice and shake for 20 seconds

Step 3:
Strain into a nicely chilled coupe glass

Step 4:
Garnish with a double boiled ice sphere with a rose head frozen inside

Step 5:
Drink Happy...Drink Healthy...Cheers!

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