By: Adam Cohen

Instagram: @mrmuddle  Twitter: @mister_muddle

Shake  |  Double Old Fashioned Glass  |  King Cube Ice  |  Lime Peel

Step 1:
Pour into your cocktail shaker:

  • .75oz Mezcal
  • .75oz St. Germain
  • .75oz Grand Marnier
  • .75oz Lime Juice

Step 2:
Add ice and shake for 20 seconds

Step 3:
Strain into your Old Fashioned Glass over a King Cube Ice

Step 4:
With a "Y" peeler cut a thick slice of lime peel and drop into your glass for garnish

Step 5:
Go to the Mr. Muddle Blog and be amazed as we are with Adam's informational and well balanced cocktails. 

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