Mexican Sleepover

By: Adam Cohen

Instagram: @mrmuddle Twitter: @mister_muddle

Shake  |  Cocktail Glass  |  Grapefruit Peel

Step 1:
Pour into your cocktail shaker:

    • .75oz Mezcal
    • .75oz Drambuie
    • .75oz Cocchi Americano
    • .75oz Grapefruit Juice
    • 2 Dash Bittermens Hopped Grapefruit Bitters

Step 2:
Add ice and shake for 20 seconds

Step 3:
Strain into your chilled cocktail glass

Step 4:
With a "Y" peeler cut a thick slice of grapefruit peel. With a knife cut the peel into thin strips and garnish your cocktail

Mr. Muddle is a great website to learn exactly how a home bar enthusiast can create amazing cocktails. Keep Mixing!

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