Coconut Almond Infused Old Fashioned

Tea Infused Bourbon…YUM!

Stirred  |  Old Fashioned Glass  |  Clear Ice Cube |  Orange Peel

Step 1:
Pour into your mixing glass:

Step 2:
Fill Mixing Glass with ice and stir smoothly for 20 seconds.

Step 3:
Place your King Ice Cube into your Old Fashioned Glass and then strain your cocktail

Step 4:

Use a "Y" peeler to cut a thick strip of orange peel.

Step 5:
Drop your orange peel into your cocktail and Enjoy!


*Paromi Coconut Almond Tea Infused Bulleit Bourbon- Place 2 tea bags into 6 oz. of Bourbon and let tea steep for 20 minutes for single use. For larger batch, let the tea steep for 2 hours. Based on batch size, increase the amount of Bourbon and tea bags based on your desired flavor intensity.

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