G + T

The gin and tonic is an indisputable classic, however, most people overlook the importance of good tonic. The stuff you find in most bars makes a sweet and bitter drink with not much dimension. Try this one with Liber & Co. Tonic Syrup and taste the difference good tonic can make!

Glass Build  |  Double Old Fashioned Glass  |  Ice Cubes  |  Lime

Step 1:
Jigger into your Old Fashioned Glass:

Step 2:
Stir Gin and Syrup to combine for a few seconds. Add ice cubes and top with soda. Stir again briefly to combine all ingredients.

Step 3:
Cut a wedge of fresh lime and make a cut across the flesh of the lime and rest the lime on the edge of the glass.
Step 3:
Step into your garden or backyard or landscaped traffic island and sip this classic concoction done right.

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