Morning Coffee

Brighten up your brunch with our Morning Coffee

Stirred  |  Old Fashioned Glass  |  King Cube Ice  |  Coffee Grinds

Step 1:
Pour into your Mixology Depot Diamond Cut Mixing Glass:

Step 2:
Add all ingredients and ice to your mixing glass and stir for 20 seconds or about 65 revolutions.

Step 3:
Strain into your favorite Old Fashioned glass over a King Cube Ice rock.

Step 4:
To garnish, sprinkle a few coffee grinds on top of your rock 

Step 5:
Kick back, watch football, and enjoy your new Morning Coffee at brunch with your friends and family

Coffee Infused Bourbon
Pour 1/2 cup of espresso beans into a container then add an entire bottle of bourbon and let it sit for 6 hours. Strain and enjoy!

If you are making a single use infusion, pour into a glass of bourbon 4 to 6 espresso beans and let it sit for 1 hour then make your cocktail.

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