Its a Negroni type of day....wait!!!! Isn't that everyday??

Stirred  |  Old Fashioned Glass  |  King Cube Ice  

Step 1:
Pour into your mixing glass:

  • 1.5oz Hendricks Gin
  • 1oz Alessio Vermouth
  • .5oz Campari

Step 2:
Fill your mixing glass with ice and stir for 20 seconds or 65 revolutions.

Step 3:
Place your King Cube Ice into you Old Fashioned Glass and strain over your ice

Step 4:
Use a "Y" peeler to cut a strip of lemon or orange peel if you want to garnish your cocktail. We decided to keep it pure and simple

Step 5:
Look at your watch, see what time it is, and then agree that its Negroni time with yourself and anyone else that's around you!

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