In Yoga, OM is a sound, a mantra, a state of being...Not to be confused with this delicious cocktail! 

Stirred  |  Fancy Cocktail Glass  |  Prosecco Float |  Orange Peel

Step 1:
Pour into your mixing glass:

  • 1.5oz Three Sheets Rum
  • .5oz OM Spirits Coconut Lychee

Step 2:
Add ice to your mixing glass and stir smoothly for 20 seconds or 65 revolutions

Step 3:
Strain into your fancy cocktail glass and top off with 2 to 3oz of La Marca Processco

Step 4:
With a "Y" peeler cut a thick slice of orange peel and trim to your desire then gently place it into your cocktail

Step 5:
Get your meditation cushion ready, take a sip of your cocktail, and OM!!!

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