Spicy Spicy

Is it your salsa or this cocktail that's giving you that twinge in the back of your throat?

Shaken | Old Fashioned Glass | Clear King Cube Ice | Cucumber Mint Garnish

Step 1:
Grab your trusty Muddler and muddle in your Shaking Tin:

  • 1 whole roasted Serrano Chili with .25oz Simple Syrup

Add to that:

Step 2:
Fill shaker with ice, cap, and shake vigorously for 30 seconds.

Step 3:
Strain mixture into Old Fashioned glass over a King Cube Ice

Step 4:
Use a "Y" Peeler to cut a thick strip of orange peel, twist into your glass, and drop it into your glass.

Step 5:
Grab your burrito and hit the backyard with your spicy cocktail!

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