3 Gifts Every Cocktail Lover Needs

Your gift list is long and every cocktail enthusiasts and professional needs one if not all of these amazing items from the Muddle & Stir collection.

Perhaps you've always wanted a maple syrup that will transform your pancakes into clouds of amazingness...or you needed something for your cocktails that you just couldn't figure it out. Well, now both of those questions are answered and more with Mikuni Wild Harvest Noble Handcrafted Syrups. Just imagine Tahitian Vanilla, Bourbon Barrel Maple Syrup, and to make things interesting a Sherry Bourbon Vinegar. 

Oak Bottles...need we say more. Barrel aging cocktails, spirits, wine, beer and more; these vessel can do everything except drink the cocktails for you...that's your part! These bottles can oak mature in hours and days versus weeks or months in a regular oak barrel. The excitement can be consumed so much faster and cleaning up is as easy as a simple flush of water. They come in a 750ml (Master) and 355ml (Mini). Get them now before we run out.

When you travel you need a flask...plain and simple. But not just any flask will do...you need a handmade ceramic flask that makes everyone drool around you when you take it out. That's exactly what Misc Goods Co. hand in mind when they made this flask and that's exactly why we have it. Come make your friends drool and get yours for 20% Off and use promo code HOLIDAY20 at checkout.

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