What is Boochcraft?

Boochcraft is an artisan kombucha, handcrafted and brewed with an uncompromised commitment to quality and taste. Adventurous flavor profiles meet high quality ingredients to produce a new beverage of choice for an active lifestyle. Combining proven brewing techniques from the craft beer industry with the traditional methods of kombucha fermentation. Boochcraft is the only brewery in Southern California offering a high alcohol kombucha (7.0% ABV), breaking down barriers by providing a healthy alternative to social drinking.

Who is Boochcraft?

Adam Hiner

Adam has been brewing Kombucha for over 10 years but in 2011 he started a retail focused product in his own restaurant, the Local Habit in San Diego, CA. He was the first proprietor to offer Kombucha on tap in San Diego.

Andrew Clark

The Boochmaster…Andrew has been brewing beer, wine, kombucha, and cider for 10 years. He is the behind the magic.

Todd Kent

Todd is all business…a serial entrepreneur that been involved with business since the age of 15. Now he is responsible for Boochcrafts retail and wholesale distribution. Thanks to him you can find Boochcraft on shelf in Whole Foods and many other retailers soon to be nationwide.


Why Boochcraft?

Health Benefits: Boochcraft’s  kombucha is filled with healthy probiotics, vitamins and minerals.

Social Responsibility: Giving back is probably the most important achievement of a business and Boochcraft is dedicated to giving back to the community that supports them. To show their gratitude, 1% of all proceeds are donated to local charities that educate and foster sustainable food communities.


Products…. Try them all

Apple + Lime + Jasmine

Grape + Coriander + Anise

Turmeric + Tangerine + Ginger

Grapefruit + Hibiscus + Heather

Watermelon + Mint + Chili

Ginger + Lime + Rosehips


What does Boochcraft have to do with Cocktails?

Nothing…actually everything! Cocktail creation is about opportunity and that’s exactly what Boochcraft provides to every mixologist. Use their Kombucha in place of cider, champagne, Prosecco, tonic, soda, and more…the options are endless. Stay tuned and you will see what Muddle & Stir can do with Boochcraft.

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