Crude Bitters

At Muddle & Stir, we pride ourselves with seeking out the best products from incredible suppliers around the country. Bitters, as a flavor enhancer and equalizer to cocktails has been exploding over the past 5 years; in fact it’s what got us interested in pursuing our dream. We found an incredible and award winning Bitters company that we want to introduce you to…. Crude Bitters. Crude Bitters & Sodas was started in 2012 in Raleigh, North Carolina by Craig Rudewicz. Each bitters and soda flavor is hand-made by utilizing only the finest ingredients and careful attention.

Why “crude”? The name is in reference to the rudimentary origins of bitters. Exotic (and undocumented) roots, herbs and spices were aged in various liquids and beneficial (and unverified) claims attached to them. Hence, crude.

Crude does not mean bad…In fact, Crude Bitters have won 2 significant awards for their line of bitters. In 2015, Crude Bitters won the Good Food Award. In 2016, they won the Southern Living Magazine Food Award as well.

Let’s take a closer look at their product line up.

  • “Rizzo” rosemary, grapefruit and peppercorn, the only bitters to ever win a Good Food Award and excellent in dressings or marinades.
  • “Big Bear” coffee and cocoa a great substitute for vanilla in baked goods.
  • “Bitterless Marriage” hibiscus, lavender, oak.
  • “Sycophant” A classic orange bitters finished with North Carolina figs.

Crude Bitters are crafted in small batches from 100% maceration in alcohol, with no glycerin, chemicals or dyes. No plastic or metal is used in the storage or aging of their bitters; glass pots or wood barrels are used exclusively to reduce any possible reaction or contamination. The ingredients are all natural and selection, preparation, maceration, bottling and labeling are done by hand. Cocktail bitters are used to enhance a cocktail, give a slight edge to the nightcap, and sub-par bitters can leave your drink in ruin. Try Crude Bitters and enjoy all of their unique flavors at Muddle & Stir.


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