Dead Rabbit Orinoco Bitters

Originally produced by the Blemmerg Manufacturing Company in Boston during the late 1800's, a full page advert in George Winter’s book, ‘How to Mix Drinks: The Barkeeper’s Handbook’, caught the eye of Dead Rabbit proprietor Jack McGarry during his research for the bar's first cocktail menu. Jack instantly knew Orinoco Bitters had to be the bar's house bitters and in pursuit of reformulating them, he looked no further than Dr. Adam Elmegirab. 

These aromatic bitters can be substituted for Angosutra. Flavored by warm spices such as cardamom and cassia bark, floral notes from chamomile, dried fruit flavors from raisins, fragrant aromatic bark like sandalwood and angostura, citrus oils from orange peel, and a bittersweetness from molasses.

Muddle & Stir proudly uses, promotes, and sells the Dead Rabbit Orinoco Bitters. Get yours now!

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