El Guapo Bitters

El Guapo Bitters is a handmade craft cocktails bitters and syrup company based in New Orleans, Louisiana. Starting in 2013 Scot Matox, a Marine Vet and long time New Orleans mixologist, took his handmade bitters and syrups mainstream and founded the products we know and love today.

Bitters are the backbone and seasoning of a cocktail. When you think of food, if you don't put salt and/or pepper or other seasonings on your food it tastes flat, one-dimensional. That's the function bitters serve in a cocktail. They do bring subtle flavors to the drink, but in general the main function they perform is to act as a flavor enhancer. They amplify and bring out the flavor of the other ingredients and spirits.

At El Guapo, Scot only use whole ingredients. No extracts, no essential oils, and no artificial flavorings are added to any of their products. If available, they source all ingredients locally grown in New Orleans. Other ingredients are chosen as close as they can find to ensure the most regional product they can make.

El Guapo Bitters donates 10% of thieir profits to support the men and women of our Armed Forces.

Please help support this wonderful cause and try these amazing products.

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