Gifts for Bourbon Lovers

If you love Bourbon then you will love these great gift ideas!  


Everybody needs an amazing flask to take with them on a picnic, to the ball game, to a movie...the possibilities are endless. Take a look at Misc. Goods Co. White Ceramic Flask. These Made in America 11oz flasks are not only stylish but they feel great in your hands.

Barrel Aging

The Oak Bottle...Ever wanted to barrel age your cocktails, spirits, wines, and more? Well, now you can with this eye catching Oak Bottle. In 750ml or 355ml, Its speeds up the aging process from 30- 45 days to 2 days!! The bottle is ready  after you swell it with water for 24 hours. Start with a Negroni and then the possibilities are endless!


Ever wanted to take a wooden stick and smash the crap out of something...thats exactly what muddling does just on a softer side with more intent. Muddling is the process of mashing ingredient to open their essence into your cocktails.At Muddle & Stir we have some amazing Muddlers that not only are functional but great looking s well. 


The Kentucky Derby and Juleps are synonomous but that doesn't mean that you can't drink them at any other time in the year. Juleps can be enjoyed whenever you crave one. The Muddle & Stir Julep Mug is made from 100% stainless steel and these mugs are meant to last. Mint Juleps are the Southern gentleman's drink of choice and this is the only vessel worthy of that revered tipple. 


Hammered or Heavy, Polished or Brushed; Cocktail Shakers are a must have tool that every bar needs. Get yours now!

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