Ginger Sage Smash

Muddle & Stir affiliate, Katie Stryjewski, at Garnish Blog makes an incredible Ginger Sage Smash

Muddling is a special technique that extracts the flavors of fruit, spice, and more. Katie writes how different muddlers bring different opportunities to cocktails. "To illustrate this, Death & Co recommends taking a mint leaf, gently pressing it to the roof of your mouth with your tongue, and tasting the flavor that is expressed. Then chew it up a bit and compare the way it tastes. The chewing releases a lot more bitterness, and it’s those delicate minty flavors that we actually want to capture. That’s why a blunt muddler might be preferable."

Now that you've experienced a small piece of her capabilities, go to her blog and read them all and support her!! She's amazing!

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