Jager translates to “Master Hunter” in German that dates back to 1935. Simply put, Jager is an herbal liqueur comprised of 56 natural herbs, blossoms, roots, and fruits. The botanicals are extracted raw through a multiple weeks long process then stored in oak casks for no less than one year.

Considered an aperitif by blue collar Germans, Jager is hard to define as a bittered amaro or schnapps; either way when its kept in the freezer its silky smooth deliciousness. Better to sip than shoot or mixed, Jager acts like a fernet or possibly absinthe in your cocktails. I prefer to sip Jager as a nightcap but here’s one cocktail  that I think you will love.

 Rush That Gold
.75oz Lemon Juice
.5oz Honey Syrup
1oz Jager
1oz Few Spirits Rye 
  • Add all to your cocktail shaker with ice
  • Shake for 30 to 45 seconds
  • Strain over a rock into your glass and garnish with lemon


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