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We get asked often what do you have in your bar at home, well, we have everything we sell and more! This list will help you get started and then come back to Muddle & Stir to see what's new.

Jigger- This simple bar tool can make or break a great cocktail. This tool allows you to properly measure out all ingredients in your cocktail. Check out our Trio Multi Unit Measured Jigger to help get you started.

Ice (Rock or Sphere)- Obviously we all know what ice does to a beverage. But high quality ice not only makes your cocktails look great but they keep everything cold without diluting the cocktail further. Check out our W&P Peak King Cube Ice Trays or our Tovolo Clear Ice Sphere System

Muddler- The best way to release the essence of an ingredient is by muddling them. You do this by mashing them up gently with your Muddler at the bottom of your mixing glass. Its a simple but yet fun process!

Two- Piece Shaker- When a recipe calls for you to shake the ingredients there are 2 ways to accomplish this task. 1) Cobber Shaker 2) Small and Large Mixing Tins. 

Garnish- They come in all shapes, sizes, colors, and flavors; so its best to stock your bar with Lemons, Limes, Oranges, Grapefruits and our favorite Mess Hall Cocktail Cherries.

Bar Spoon- You might be asking yourself, why does one need a 10 foot long spoon to stir a cocktail?? And there's a great answer out there that I'm sure some Yoda has for this but really its so that you can reach the bottom of your mixing glass if its 10 feet tall!! Try our Endurance Long Handle Bar Spoon.

Mixing Glass- Much like the Shaker, the mixing glass is a glass used mix cocktails primarily by stirring with ice using your newly purchased 10 foot long bar spoon. Go big and look at what Glassblower Ben's Mixing Glass.

Strianer- There are two types of strainers you can use with your mixing glass to strain out your cocktail into your chilled glass. You can use a Hawthorne Strainer or a Julep strainer. Some recipes call for a double strain, which means you use a fine mesh Conical Strainer in addition to your Julep or Hawthorne. This is mainly required when an egg white is called for in a recipe so that small pieces of ice don't fall into your cocktail and dilute it any further.

Juicer- Many recipes call for fresh juice, so stock up on a our Modern Juicer. This juicer is large enough for Orange, Lemon, & Lime Wedges when cut to the right size. Have Fun!

Cocktail Books- Need I say more here, other than check out our Cocktail Section for great recipes and ideas! We constantly come up with new cocktails; check back frequently for the latest and greatest.

Spirits- Just start buying, tasting, and creating! You can never have too much. Come back next week to see our list of favorites.

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