Liber & Co.

Liber & Co. started as a personal project, born from the collective appreciation for the craft of the cocktail and the pleasures of drinking them. 

In 2011, Liber & Co. noticed that something was missing. While high-end spirits, liqueurs and bitters meant that everyone could obtain most of what's needed to make better cocktails, there was still a problem for the discerning drinker. An entire ingredient category remained overlooked. No one offered quality cocktail syrups – the essentials required for hundreds of great drinks. Instead, artificially flavored corn syrups were peddled as substitutes, and anyone seeking an authentic drink was left wanting. Therefore, Liber & Co. aimed to fill this void. Sourcing real fruit from small farmers in Texas and California Liber & Co. created an authentic syrup thats should be used in every cocktail. Liber & Co. was the first supplier to Muddle & Stir's vision of artisan, easy to use, and luxury brand syrups. Get yours now before we run out!

Liber & Co. Cocktail Syrups

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