Mess Hall Cocktail Cherries

Talk about a great entrepreneurial story; Marianne and Hans started Mess Hall Cocktail Cherries in 2010 as a pickle and preserves company selling homemade specialty products to friends and family. Then demand grew and were selling into local stores and markets. Before they knew it, business was thriving but there was still something missing. As cocktail enthusiasts and imbibers, they noticed a problem with cherries being used as cocktail garnishes. 

The cocktail cherries people were using were overly sweet with a waxy texture, like they used to be cherries at some moment in time (in a galaxy far far away). It didn’t take them long to learn why. Most of the American made maraschino cherries are bleached and brined in underground tanks before being injected with color and flavor. And many of the European style cherries are candied in a thick syrup that works for some preferences, but left Marianne and Hans wanting more acidity, more complexity, and more textural integrity in the cherry itself.

Living in Chicago they found themselves close to the mecca of Balaton Cherries and worked with a close friend from Seedling Farms to make their first batch of Mess Hall Cocktail Cherries. Today, Mess Hall Cherries are preserved by hand, with demerara sugar, a splash of bourbon, and the smallest notes of black peppercorn, star anise, cassia cinnamon bark and rose petals. The deliciousness comes through strong in your Manhattan's and your cherry treat at the end no longer tastes like wax. Muddle & Stir proudly sells these amazing cocktail cherries. Buy one now and see how they transform your next cocktail.

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