Miracle Mile Bitters

Miracle Mile Bitters Co. is a Los Angeles-based maker of small batch, handcrafted cocktail bitters. Founded in 2010 by Louis Anderman, Miracle Mile now leads the West Coast bitters revolution with recreations of classic formulas and limited-edition recipes.


Bergamot is a variety of sour orange, with a fragrant oil most notably used to flavor Earl Grey Tea. These bitters combine organic Bergamot Oil with Sweet and Bitter Orange,Cardamom, Cinnamon, Summit Hops and other herbs and spices. We like to use these bitters with Gin, Pisco, Vodka, and a white Negroni. 


Based on a 19th Century recipe, Licorice and Dandelion Root are combined with Gentian, Cardamom, Grains of Paradise and other spices, and finished with caramelized Demerara Sugar. Sweet, herbaceous, and bitter, this bitters is a wonderful companion to drinks made with Tequila or Mezcal. Think of black licorice and you will then understand Castilian.

Chocolate Chili

Chocolate Chili Bitters by Miracle Mile Bitters Co. was the flavor that launched the Los Angeles-based, small-batch bitters company in 2010. Chocolate Chili Bitters taste like warm baking spices like Cinnamon, Clove, Ginger, and Star Anise. Infused with Valrhona Cacao Nibs and a blend of three kinds of chilies, for a palate tickling finish.


In the style of a 19th Century Aromatic Bitters, these combine exotic root spices such as Zedoary, Angelica Root, and Galangal, along with aromatics such as Vanilla, Clove, Cinnamon, and Cardamom. Spicy, exotic, and mysterious, this tincture by Los Angeles-based Miracle Mile Bitters Co. is based on traditional herbal aromatic bitters, and is most akin to Angostura bitters.

Toasted Pecan

Like a Southern Pecan Pie in bitters form! These bitters combine Toasted Pecans with Wild Cherry Bark, warm baking spices such as Cinnamon, Vanilla, and Clove, and the richness of Steen’s Cane Syrup. An absolute natural for Bourbon drinks, try them in a Bourbon Sour with muddled peaches or any Old Fashioned. 

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