Mr. Muddle Partnership Announcement

At Muddle & Stir we pride ourselves on finding the best products to make amazing cocktails with. We also pride ourselves on collaborating with amazing creative people that share the same passion. Ironically, we’ve have a new friend named Mr. Muddle that brings a sense of home to crafting great cocktails.

Adam Cohen started the blog just over a year ago when he found himself at home more after the birth of his children. Beer was his first passion but cocktails always found a way into the mix. Friday nights became their “cocktail date night” and that’s when it clicked. The desire to make a great cocktail started and continues to grow daily. Adam provides insight on creating recipes while explaining various techniques and highlighting the ingredients used with interesting factoids that make you wonder more about the cocktail world.

We are super excited to be working with Adam, you will not be disappointed!  Please support Adam and welcome him to the community.

Instagram: @mrmuddle

Twitter: @mister_muddle



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