Pok Pok Som Shrubs

We scour the WORLD to find the best products so you don't have to...and we found an amazing shrub from a James Beard Winner and Michelin Starred  chef, Andy Ricker. Pok Pok Som  was founded in 2010, but the drinking vinegars had been sold at the original Portland Pok Pok restaurant since 2005.
Andy Ricker is the chef/owner of Michelin starred Pok Pok NY in Red Hook, Brooklyn as well as 7 other restaurants in Portland, NYC and L.A. He first visited Thailand as a backpacker in 1987. Since then, he spends several months each year traveling, eating, cooking and studying the food culture in Thailand and neighboring countries. What a terrible job he has! Among other achievements and accolades, Andy is a two time James Beard Award winner and best selling cookbook author.

Drinking vinegar for health reasons is an age old practice in many cultures around the world including here in the USA, dating back to colonial times when "shrubs" were a common tonic. Shrubs are a delicious and refreshing drink with a nice tartness coming from the vinegar and concentrated flavors of fruit. They can be mixed with soda water, into your cocktails, and cooked with as well. 

The Pok Pok team originally discovered Asian drinking vinegars while shopping at an Asian market. Pok Pok's method to making their incredible shurbs involve macerating fruit in vinegar and then balancing the mixture with sugar, salt and water to a specific acidity and sugar content. The result are 4 amazing products that Muddle & Stir have for you...Pineapple, Pomegrante, Apple, and Honey.

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