The Quick How-To Guide

Shaking - The basic shake is simple yet does require a bit of technique to master. Whether you are using 2 tins, a tin and a pint glass or a cobbler style shaker you should build your drink in the larger part of the set. Once you have all of your ingredients in, fill the shaker with ice cubes. When we say fill, we mean really fill it. If you don't have enough ice the liquid will melt the ice you do have in there very quickly and dilute your drink too much. Once filled with ice, cap it and make sure the seal is secure. This can be done with a firm strike of the palm on top (if done correctly you should be able to pick the whole thing up by the top and have the seal stay intact). Then, on to the shake. You want to shake fast and vigorously. There are 3 elements at work here, you are chilling the liquid, mixing the liquid and introducing air into the mixture. The air is the key as it will make your resulting mixture lighter and frothy. Like Harry Craddock said, “Shake the shaker as hard as you can. Don’t just rock it, you’re trying to wake it up, not send it to sleep!”

Dry Shaking- This method is used when the recipe includes an egg white or yolk. Add all of your liquid ingredients (including egg) to your shaker but do not add ice! Shake that mixture, hard, for 15-20 seconds. Once you've done that, follow the above instructions for the basic shake. This technique produces a luxurious texture and allows the egg to be incorporated into the mixture more smoothly. Great for whiskey sours and rum flips.

Rolling- This simple process is just pouring from shaker to shaker. This is the best method for mixing up your White Russian.

Muddling- The intent of muddling is to release the essence of an ingredient. You do this by mashing them up gently with your Muddler at the bottom of your mixing glass. For things like herbs there's no need to mash everything to a pulp, just a gentle press and twisting motion. For citrus and other ingredients that you may want a bit of texture from, feel free to mash away... that's the fun part!

Straining- Place your Hawthorne Strainer with the coils down or Julep Strainer into your mixing glass then simply pour out your cocktail into your glass and enjoy.

Stir- Simply place your bar spoon into your mixing glass so that the spoon is touching the bottom and side of the glass. Then stir in a circular motion, staying to the outer edge of the glass, so that the ice and liquid are moving together and not being jostled too much. Rule of thumb is to stir for 20 to 30 seconds to dilute your cocktail to balance the alcohol. 

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