Shaken or Stirred

How to know when to shake or stir your cocktail....The rule of thumb is that any cocktail that contains juice, milk, or requires you to muddle gets shaken and any that doesn't is stirred. Here comes the curve ball....when juice is used as a replacement to bitters then the cocktail is stirred. Mind blown....I know right!!!

Keep in mind that shaking is a more efficient way to chill and dilute your drink. That's because the ice moves more violently in the shaker and therefore breaks down more quickly, releasing more water into the mix.

So now when you see James Bond order his Martini "shaken not stirred" you know he is ordering a weak Martini. Haha! But this is only so he can stay focused and take down the enemy!! But seriously, you can shake a Martini if you want there is no harm in doing so. Everyone has their preferred taste and that is what makes creating cocktails so much fun, there is no wrong answer. Keep creating!!

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