Not that long ago, two close friends launched a new brand of Jell-O-Shots called Shotty's. 

Shotty's launched with 5 flavors.... strawberry, lemon, lime, orange and blue raspberry. Each shot is about 2oz and 12.5% ABV (25 proof). For all of our health-conscience friends out there, yes, Shotty's are gluten-free.

The secret to Jell-O-Shots is the ease of getting it all out of the cup. Shotty's has made this simple for everyone. Their unique cup design allows for you to squeeze the bottom of the cup to get all of the goodness down. 

The only problem I see now that I've given you all of the information you need about them is where to buy them. Distribution is building but keep an eye out at your local liquor store and wateringhole because Shotty's will be everywhere soon. 


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