The Fitzgerald

F. Scott Fitzgerald is most famously known for The Great Gatsby and a good cocktail or two, but did you know that the he has nothing to do with The Fitzgerald cocktail? A classic in style but not in mixology.

Dale DeGoff, the Godfather of cocktails first made this beloved Gin drink in 2002. First printed in his The Craft of the Cocktailthe cocktails screams classic by its sour notes and simple balance. Depending on what kind of Gin you use the floral notes are subtle where the flavor comes through the type of Aromatic Bitters you use. I like the nutmeg and cinnamon notes from Bitters Lab Aromatic Bitters against the floral notes from St. Georges Spirits Botanivore Gin. 

The recipe is not complicated...

2oz Gin

.75oz Lemon Juice

.75oz Simple Syrup

2 Dash Aromatic Bitters


Let us know what you mix with and how much you love this newish classic cocktail.


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