Whip Cream

I love to learn to new things, so when I was taught how to make whip cream in a cocktail shaker I said everyone in the world needs to know this trick. Here we go!

1. Pour into your cocktail shaker 3oz of cream

2. Add about .5oz Simple Syrup but go easy here... maybe start with .25oz and see how sweet that is for you and then continue to increase the amount by .25oz until your desired sweetness

3. Here's the secret weapon... Take an old Hawthorne strainer and remove the spring. I say an old one because some of the new ones weld the spring and by removing it you will damage the strainer...or maybe you are lucky and the one you have can be easily removed. I had to break mine to get it off. Good thing I have a warehouse with another one to pick from! haha

4. Once you have removed the spring, drop it into the cocktail shaker. The spring will act like a whisk once you start shaking.

5. Start shaking vigorously for about 30 seconds

6. Your cocktail shaker will now be full of the fluffy stuff

Your Irish Coffees, Whiskey Sours, Ice Cream, Cake, and whatever else you want to put whip cream on will be so happy!  I know I was once I got this trick down... Keep Mixing!

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