Why Use Different Types Of Glasses

Let's be honest, a glass is a glass is a glass...right? NO!!!!!! As it relates to cocktails, spirits, wine, and beer different types of glasses were developed to enhance the taste profile, aromatics, temperature of the drink, and to make each drink better.

Since Muddle & Stir is a craft cocktail company we are only going to concentrate on cocktails for now, but there are other amazing articles on the web to tell you in detail about wine and beer.

Cocktail Glass

The traditional cocktail class is basically an inverted cone shaped "bowl" that comes in 3 to 8oz increments. We use these style of glasses to serve cocktails in without ice. This is your Martini driven cocktail where the intent is to enhance the aromatics of your drink. 

Muddle & Stir Examples: Ypsilon, Classic Cocktail


This tumbler is used to serve tall cocktails like a Collins. This glass supports lots of ice and mixers. Standard sizes are 8oz to 12oz cocktails.

Muddle & Stir Examples: Kalix Cooler, Manon Long


Lowball glasses are also known as Old Fashioned glass. These glasses support king ice cubes and spheres perfectly and usually hold about 6 to 8oz. 

Muddle & Stir Examples: Rona Stellar, Glassblower Ben Large, Sestriere Old Fashioned

Specialty Glass

Today's cocktails have gone back in time with glass. Some original glass designs are Coupes and Nick & Nora. Coupes were originally used to serve champagne in but have made a strong comeback with Martinis, Manhattans, and more. Nick & Nora were adapted from The Thin Man movies in the 30's & 40's and bring a sense of elegance to your cocktail. 

Muddle & Stir Examples: Paris Coupe, Nick & Nora


Everyone associates Mint Julep with a Julep cup, but did you know that the original intent of this silver gem was to consume Cognac. Well, there's an argument that states Cognac was the original use but it was first published in 1803 the use for the Julep cup was for Whiskey. Regardless, we use them today for Julep style drinks where shaved ice is the key ingredient. The cups are supposed to be kept in the freezer so that the coldness slows down the time the shaved ice will melt into your cocktail and dilute the alcohol. 

Muddle & Stir Examples: Julep


Copper mugs and Moscow Mules were developed in Los Angeles in the 1940's by a small vodka distillery called Smirnoff. At the Cock n' Bull pub on the Sunset strip, this tipple was created with a copper mug as a marketing campaign by Smirnoff and has never changed since. Today it represents 13% of all cocktails ordered.

Muddle & Stir Examples: Moscow Mule

So many options, so many cocktails, keep creating!

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