William Faulkner and His Hot Toddy

At the grave of William Faulkner there’s a tradition…Bring a bottle of Bourbon, take a drink, pour some out, and then leave the bottle as an offering to the late author. It’s almost like how they did it in the movie Colors to honor a dead gang member…Was he Red or Blue?? Haha! I’ve never had the chance to pay respects, but what I want to know is what happens with all of those bottles? Maybe someone in the family gathers them to make one of his favorite cocktails…What’s that you ask?? The Hot Toddy.

As the story goes, his niece Kate published the recipe: “Take one heavy glass tumbler. Fill approximately half full with Heaven Hill bourbon (the Jack Daniel's was reserved for Pappy's ailments). Add one tablespoon of sugar. Squeeze 1/2 lemon and drop into glass. Stir until sugar dissolves. Fill glass with boiling water and serves on a silver tray”

The foundation of the drink hasn’t changed, but the presentation sure has. Look at what today’s mixologist can do with a simple tipple that was meant to cure the common cold.

Hot do you Toddy?

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