Your Home bar…..What should you have?

Every home bar is different and every home bar is perfect. The intent of the home bar is to make great cocktails with all of the tools that make you happy. The list below is a quick reference check of things you might need from a recipe perspective. See our Let’s Get Started post for the bar ware to support your cocktail creations.


Aromatic & Orange Bitters are probably the most important to have on hand since so many recipes call for them. I once heard a statistic that said about 95% of all cocktails include some form of Aromatic or Orange bitters. I can’t validate this but it seems pretty impressive and its definitely important to have a variation on hand. See our Bitters section for new opportunities.


Glasses, Glasses, Glasses…everyone should have the right glass to drink your cocktail out of but there are a lot to choose from. Come back soon and read our Cocktail Glasses post to better understand what cocktail goes in what type of glass. For now, enjoy the Glasses we have for sale.


Let’s not kid ourselves, syrups can be made at home or they can be purchased in unique combinations as we have for sale at The difference is that you no longer need to go out and buy 4, 6, or 10 ingredients to make you can simply buy the perfect balance from one of our amazing vendors.


Too many to discuss, just go buy and try. Endless possibilities and so many amazing products. We will revisit this one as well.


Mixers are often used in combination with soda water to create flavor. But mixers have taken on a new form of “prepared” cocktails. Take for example our Bittermilk No. 1 Bourbon Old Fashion, the intent of this product is that your Old Fashioned that includes sugar, spices, orange, and Bourbon can now be made more easily and faster by adding 1 part of this mixer to 2 parts of your favorite Bourbon. Try them, they are great to use and fun to play with as a substitute for syrup in your cocktails. There are endless capabilities here.


I’m not going to explain Vermouth here because I’m going to save that for another post. But what I am going to provide are some products for you to consider having in your home bar.

Dry (White)- I prefer Dolin Blanc & Lillet Blanc but Noilly Prat is great to use as well.

Sweet (Red)- I prefer Antica Carpano & Dolin Rouge.

There are so many Vermouth's in the market now, pick one and try it out and let us know what you think.


Yes!!! That’s all we have to say here. You need spirits and then you need to buy more spirits. Enough said!

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