Liber & Co.- Texas Grapefruit Shrub

Liber & Co.- Texas Grapefruit Shrub Item No. 

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Shrubs are antiquated methods of fruit preservation that offer lively combinations of intense fruit essence and tart acidity. In drinks they work much like citrus by providing a tart and slightly sweet component. For Liber & Co. shrubs, they use a cold-press technique to maintain the bright, zesty flavors that are damaged by heat-based extractions.

For this product, Liber & Co. combines Rio Star grapefruits, coconut vinegar, cane sugar and a hint of allspice. The shrub is sweet and tart, with the zesty grapefruit flavor backed by the subtle allspice note.

An 8.5 oz. bottle makes ~ 11 sherry cobblers.

Try this Grapefruit Shrub in Champagne. Add .5oz to your flute and enjoy!

8.5oz Bottle. Refrigerate after opening.